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Rwandans To Walk Against Plastic Pollution During Car Free Day In Kigali


Rwandans To Walk Against Plastic Pollution During Car Free Day In Kigali

Dwellers of Kigali City are expected this Sunday to walk against plastic pollution in a campaign called “Beat Plastic Pollution Walk”.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Environment through the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) in partnership with the City of Kigali during Car Free Day this Sunday, June 3, 2018.

The walk aims to raise awareness and encourage the general public to join the effort to address plastic pollution.

The event is organised as part of the 2018 National Environment Week and World Environment Day.

“We invite everyone to join us this Sunday for a special edition of Car Free Day in Kigali. The Beat Plastic Pollution Walk is a great opportunity to demonstrate our shared commitment to improving our health and environment by ending the use of single use plastics and addressing plastic waste,” said Eng. Coletha Ruhamya, Director General of REMA.

“We urge Rwandans to make the switch and say no to single use plastics. Let’s stop using plastic straws, cups, plates and bottles and instead find sustainable alternatives,” Eng. Ruhamya added.

As part of the event, Car Free Day attendees will learn about the global challenge of plastic pollution and the how they can be part of the solution.

On May 29, 2018, Rwanda launched National Environment Week.

The week concludes on June 5, which is World Environment Day.

As part of the week, different activities aiming at addressing plastic pollution have been organised, including a high-level policy conference on strategies and mechanisms to address plastic pollution (held on 29 May), a countrywide inspection of the illegal use of plastic bags, community work ‘Umuganda’ at which a message on addressing plastic pollution was delivered and then the said Beat Plastic Pollution Walk, a Green Drinks Kigali discussion on plastic management, and an exhibition on plastic recycling, among others.

Banning the use of plastic bags in Rwanda has contributed to cleanliness and fostered investment and development opportunities, particularly in the areas of sustainable packaging and recycling.

For more than a decade, Rwanda has raised awareness about the benefits of life without plastic bags to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Today, we are encouraging Rwandans to go further and take the plastic free challenge: living a life without disposable plastics to make the world a better place, for today and future generations.

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