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Why Serena Williams Married A White Man


Why Serena Williams Married A White Man

Serena Williams a tennis super star has opened up about her private life  and now explained her reason for marrying Alexis Ohanian.

The mother of one including her sister Venus Williams have endured sharp criticisms for marrying and dating White men, instead of sticking with Black guys.

However, Serena says she married Alexis because “love has no colour”.

The seemingly happy mother said she wanted to be with someone who treated her nice and Alexis was that someone.

“I’m an athlete. He’s a business guy. I’m black. He’s white. We are totally opposite. I think we just complement each other. I think we understand hard work in different ways.”

A documentary series about her private life “Being Serena” tracks her pregnancy, her life-threatening postnatal problems and her comeback.

Lookout for this series and wine down over the weekend.

Deciding Between Breastfeeding and Tennis  

As Serena Williams knows all too well, making the decision to stop breastfeeding can be an incredibly difficult one for new moms.

Though the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least the first six months of a baby’s life, some women continue to do so for a long time after, while others switch to formula well before then for medical reasons or so they can return to work.

In the final episode of her HBO docuseries Being Serena, which aired Wednesday, Williams got emotional while discussing the prospect of stopping breastfeeding then eight-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian so the tennis pro could return to her former fitness level.

In the episode, Williams reveals that, despite already getting back into exercising, she still weighs just over 200 pounds, since her body is continuing to store fat in order to produce breastmilk, according to press.

“There is no miracle. You stop breastfeeding, you do the right thing every day,” Patrick Mouratoglou, Williams’s longtime coach, advises her. Williams replies, “Breastfeeding is an incredibly personal thing. The connection that it gives me to Olympia, it’s been one of the most magical things I’ve ever experienced.”

After considering the tough decision, though, Williams admits that she misses being able to work out and push herself without having to take into consideration her body’s ability to produce food for her daughter.

“The truth is, I miss my body, being able to do other kinds of amazing things. I miss playing tennis. Mostly, I miss winning,” she says, going on to address Olympia directly.

“Winning’s always been the way I define myself and I want it to stay that way for a long time. Long enough for you to be able to watch me, cheer me on, and be proud of me.”

In fact, Williams had actually been dreading making this choice for months. Back in December, when Olympia was just three months old, the 36-year-old tweeted, “Fellow moms: How long did you breastfeed?

Is it weird that I get emotional when I even just think about when it’s time to stop?” As many fellow moms on Twitter assured her, that wasn’t weird at all.

And in the end, Williams’s decision to eventually stop breastfeeding seems to have paid off in terms of her career as an athlete: Earlier this week, she made her triumphant return to the Grand Slam circuit, winning her first post-pregnancy match at the French Open with ease.

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