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Chad Paralysed As Civil Servants Start Massive Strike


Chad Paralysed As Civil Servants Start Massive Strike

Business has been paralysed as primary and secondary schools in the capital and the University of N’Djamena were closed on Monday while the main ministries were functioning at a slow pace, with many offices shut.

According to reports, the striking civil servants, their salaries have been chopped significantly by 50% in January as part of a package of austerity measures to improve state finances.

They are demanding for payment of their “full salary” after bonuses and allowances. Even a similar 50% cut was implemented in 2016.

Chad has about 92,000 civil servants.

Magistrates also on Monday began a three-day strike in protest at a police attack on lawyers in Doba last week.

The austerity measures imposed in January led to a seven-week strike by civil servants. The government and trade unions in March reached an agreement to end the paralysis of the public sector.
The Government proposed ending the cuts to bonuses and allowances at the end of May.
Chad acquired $312 million credit from the International Monetary Fund last June. It has received two tranches of $99.8 million but has to make progress on improving state finances to access further funds.
With a population of 15million, 40 percent of the population live in poverty, Chad has been badly hit by a downturn in the price of oil exports since 2015.
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