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Facebook Boss Apologises To EU Parliament


Facebook Boss Apologises To EU Parliament

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday apologized to the European Parliament, as he did to US parliamentarians, for the weaknesses of the social network in protecting the data of its users, illustrated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. .

Dark suit and burgundy tie, Mark Zuckerberg appeared smiling but a little stiff, sitting next to the Speaker of Parliament, Antonio Tajani, attentive to the questions of the leaders of political groups of the assembly.

The hearing in Brussels was held in front of a small audience but was finally broadcast live on the internet, under the pressure of several political parties.

False information, interference from abroad in elections or developers using personal information in a careless way: Facebook has not taken its responsibilities.

“It was a mistake, and I’m sorry,” acknowledged Mark Zuckerberg in his introduction. Like already in Washington last month.

“It has become clear over the past two years that we have not done enough to prevent the tools we have created from being used for harmful purposes as well,” admitted the billionaire boss.

The new apology from the founder of Facebook has earned him to be fired by Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberals (ALDE group).

“It’s been three times since the beginning of the year,” he told him, questioning the degree of control he has over his business.

“There is a big problem that can not be solved by saying that we will solve it ourselves,” insisted Guy Verhofstadt.

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