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MPs In Plenary Examine Various Draft Laws


MPs In Plenary Examine Various Draft Laws

The speaker of Parliament Mukabalisa Donatille has opened plenary session which is mainly examining relevance of Draft Laws.

As the session began, Mukabalisa welcomed ministers representing the Government to make submissions on relevance of various Draft laws.

Esperence Nyirasafari, Minister of Gender has presented to the plenary the relevance of the draft law relating to child protection. Children’s rights and protection are guaranteed under provisions of the law No. 54/2011 of 14/12/2011.

The session has heard that since there are other rights of the child provided by other laws including international treaties and conventions ratified by Rwanda, this draft Law provides only specific rights of the child that are not provided by those laws.

However, after submission from Minister Nyirasafari, the MPs are posed various questions in relation to the draft law.

The plenary sitting adopted the relevance of the draft law relating to the protection of the child.

Later, Vincent Munyeshyaka the Minister of Trade and Industry presented to the plenary session the draft law modifying and complementing law nº 05/2011 of 21/03/2011 regulating special economic zones in Rwanda.

Munyeshyaka said this Law Nº 05/2011 of 21/03/2011 regulating Special Economic Zones in Rwanda governs the operation of special economic zones, which are aimed at providing infrastructure to industrialists targeting the local market.

According to the Minister, since 2013, the Government of Rwanda (GOR) launched an ambitious expansion of its SEZ Program.

“Gov’t earmarked land in 8 additional locations across Rwanda, bringing the total area to be developed to over 1000ha,” he told the plenary.

Minister Munyeshyaka said this draft law seeks to update the current legal framework related to special economic zones in Rwanda and keep up with the revised Special Economic Zone policy.



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