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Shareholders To Change Bralirwa Name After 61 Years


Shareholders To Change Bralirwa Name After 61 Years

Rwanda’s major beverage company will not be called Bralirwa again if shareholders on Saturday agree on a new name for this company established in 1957.

Primus, the Company’s largest selling beer brand has been available to consumers since 1959.

The company management has announced that its shareholders will gather at the Kigali Convention Centre for the Annual General Meeting.

Bralirwa Limited was the first company listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) as from 31st January, 2011.

According to statistics of 2017, Bralirwa experienced a major slump in its volumes which fell 12.4% which the company attributed to negative impact of pricing on both soft drinks and beer.

Rival Skol brewing company has put up a spirited fight for control of the market which Bralirwa had dominated for decades.

However, Bralirwa reported last year that its operating activities had increased by 21.3% driven by cost savings combined with operational efficiencies.

Bitter still, Bralirwa in 2017 reported to its shareholders that the company’s organic revenue had declined 2.8% an attribution to reduced volume which it said was partially offset by a favourable mix.

Bralirwa shareholders are anxious of the current performance of their company especially when competitors are evidently aggressive in a market that has turned very competitive.

Scanning through the Rwanda Stock Exchange platform, Bralirwa shares are selling at Rwf150 as of Friday at closing.

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