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More Narcotic Drugs Impounded


More Narcotic Drugs Impounded

Police has impounded more illegal substances including illicit brew and smuggled contrabands.

In the ongoing Police week in Burera district, Police seized 332 dozens of hot waragi and 5799 packets of other assorted contrabands that include Blue Sky, Chase waragi, Leaving waragi, African gin Soft gin, and 240 litres of illegal gin (kanyanga).

According to Police, the psychotropic substances were impounded during varied operations in the sectors of Cyanika, Gahunga, Kagogo and Rugarama, the DPC said, urging thanking residents, whose “credible information informed successful operations and arrested of dealers.”

Meanwhile, the District Police Commander, Senior Supt. Alex Fata  warned that the force will continue operations to arrest everyone still involved, and urged the residents not to wither.

Evariste Habumuremyi, the vice mayor of Burera in charge of economic development urged grassroots leaders to forge strong working relations with residents to create a solid community policing group to make their communities crime-free.

“The rhythm is now on preventing new users and that goes with educating your children on dangers of drugs as parents and mentors, but also reporting dealers to ensure that there are no new drugs trafficked in through your communities,” the vice mayor told the residents.

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