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Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Risks Arrest


Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Risks Arrest

Trouble maybe knocking on the door at Mr. Yahya Jammeh- former leader of the Gambia.

Jammeh who ruled his country with an iron fist, was revered for enormous dislike for same sex promoters but also claimed to cure HIV/Aids. His country was a tourism magnet.

However, Martin Kyere a survivor in the murder of one of 56 Ghanaian nationals has began taking bold steps in having Jammeh arrested from his current exile.

Jammeh has been living in exile in Equatorial Guinea since January 2017. He went into exile there under a regionally-brokered deal after losing the December 2016 presidential election to Adama Barrow.

Kyere is the key witness in an international effort to bring The Gambia’s former president to trial for what was probably the single largest mass killing during the 22-year reign.

”It is my mission, on behalf of my friends, we want justice,” Kyere said, adding that he wont rest until Mr Jammeh was brought to justice.

According to reports, Kyere and other 55 migrants mostly Ghanaian and Nigerian were mistaken for plotting to overthrow Jammeh government. Gambian soldiers sprayed bullets on the truck these migrants were travelling in and only Kyere survived.

Kyere jumped off the pick-up truck into the darkness. Bullets whistled around him as he ran for his life through the thick Gambian forest.

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