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Kizito Mihigo Returns To Court


Kizito Mihigo Returns To Court

Kizito Mihigo has appeared in court for an appeal hearing.  The controversial musician had been waiting for this day since he appealed to Supreme Court.

The musician is battling a case to reverse his sentence after he was found guilty of complicity in acts prejudicial to state security.

Specifically, Kizito was found guilty of conspiracy to terrorism, murder and formation of a joint criminal enterprise among others.

However, Kizito appeared in court with only Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi, one of the two co-accused – the other accomplice Cassien Ntamuhanga, who recently broke out of the prison after climbing over the security wall.

Court argued that the hearing of this case is complicated since one of the co-accused is not present and also that Dukuzumuremyi did not come with a lawyer to represent him.

Dukuzumuremyi told court that he had last appealed against his sentence, but was not aware whether the court had received his plea. He is contesting his transfer from one prison facility to another, which made it impossible to know whether court had indeed received his plea.

He has requested court to grant him a few more days to find a lawyer to represent him in this case.

For Kizito, he argued that the absence of Cassien Ntamuhanga should be treated as not significant because he escaped from jail.

Still Kizito maintained that since Ntamuhanga denied the charges in the case in which both are co-accused, yet Kizito pleaded guilty, he argued that court can hear his plea without Ntamuhanga.

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