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Banks, Insurance Companies Discuss Service Standards

Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) has started discussions with banking and insurance companies owners on services standards. The discussions were initiated in collaboration with the central bank BNR aimed at attracting foreign investors to Rwanda.

Officially opening the discussions, RSB director general Raymond Murenzi said that; “RSB does not solely deal with commodities, industries and foodstuffs but it also is in charge of inspecting the standards of different services offered in the country”.

He urged the participants to put embrace the quality of services they offer to satisfy customers and attract many local and foreign investors. This, he said, will be possible when services are offered in accordance with international bank and insurance companies standards.

The discussions reiterated on QMS and ISO 9001 as one of the standard marks upon which Rwanda played a role in their preparation on international level.

However, Murenzi noted that the number of services and banking companies that meet the standards is still low. This is where there is a need to upgrade the quality to be able to attract investors.

“Rwanda has a vision to attain the quality of banking and services companies by implementing regulations. By so doing, we will get many foreign investors.”

Commissioner of Police Emmanuel Butera who is in charge of inspecting services delivery in RSB said that the discussions are intended to encourage banks and insurance companies to maintain an operational framework in delivering their services.

“This regulation was made in 2012 when Rwanda was granted membership to the International Organisation for Standardization. Rwanda played a role in this regulation which was revealed in 2015 with the aim to build confidence in customers.” Butera said.

Moreover, this regulation is in line with the government’s program to set up a way that will help people to have confidence in banking and insurance services in an attempt to attract investors.

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