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DRC Police Bans Moïse Katumbi Election Platform In Lubumbashi


DRC Police Bans Moïse Katumbi Election Platform In Lubumbashi

Congolese Police in Lubumbashi prevented several young people from going to the residence of Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza on Thursday, where they are expected to take part in a meeting of young members of the “Together for Change” election platform that supports Moise’s Katumbi candidacy for President.

Around mid-day on Thursday, several police officers deployed around the residence of the interprovincial coordinator of this electoral platform in Greater Katanga and barricaded the road leading to the private residence of the former president of the provincial assembly of the Ex-Katanga.

In the process, all groups of young people who approached the meeting place were dispersed.

“We are in the pre-election period. Today, we have brought together young people to prepare them for the role of witnesses during the elections. While they talk about the relaxation, on the other side they do just the opposite. Well, I protest and I blame the power of wanting by all means to prevent us from participating in the upcoming elections,” Kyungu said.

The commander of the West Lubumbashi City Police, meanwhile, admitted to intervening in the area to restore order, troubled according to him by several young people from different parts of the city who were heading for the residence of Kyungu wa Kumwanza. chanting provocative songs.

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