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Senegal President Excited With Rwanda At #DAK’ART Biennale


Senegal President Excited With Rwanda At #DAK’ART Biennale

At the ongoing biannual Dakar Biennale art exhibition, President Macky Sall visited the Rwanda exhibition stand and was given a gift.

Beeming with excitement, President Sall received the gift from Rwandas culture and sports minister Julienne Uwacu.

The Dakar Biennale, or Dak’Art – Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain, is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years in Dakar, Senegal.

Since 1996, the Dak’Art’s focus has been on Contemporary African Art .

Meanwhile, at the Rwanda stand, dozens of Senegalese could not afford to miss watching the majestic Rwandan dancers and the thumping drummers.

The Dakar Biennial eventually has established itself as the go most of the contemporary African art and beyond.

The 2018 edition (May 3rd-June 2nd) will consolidate the gains of the previous editions, especially on matters affecting the territorial network, the public / private partnership, communication and animation.

According to organisers, the theme of the Biennale in 2018 bears the seal of another father of Negritude, Aimé Césaire who has borrowed expression “The hour is Red.” Extracted from his play “And the dogs were silent.” “The time Red” speaks of emancipation, freedom and responsibility.

The international exhibition is themed “A New Humanity ” the exhibition has attracted 75 artists from 33 countries of the world. This 2018 edition seeks to renew the invitation of five international commissioners.

Encounters and Exchanges will focus on: ” African art and contemporary transformations of the intellectual and normative frameworks .”

The exhibition serves as a showcase of the diversity and universality of art coming out of the African continent and its diaspora. It’s also a celebration of a dynamic art market, which is debatably in its early stages.

Running simultaneously to the “IN” edition will be 300 autonomous artistic events referred to as “OFF” with exhibitors and organizers all over the capital and its neighboring islands.

The “OFF” edition is a private initiative that affirms just how entangled art is in the city’s network. Venues vary from homes to courtyards to restaurants to public spaces to hotels.

It brings the general population closer to the festivities. “OFF” pluralizes and expands DAK’ART. With so many possibilities, it’s evident interacting with Dakar’s environment, streets and people is integral to this overall experience.


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