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Rwanda Currency Bounces Against €uro, Pound


Rwanda Currency Bounces Against €uro, Pound

The Rwandan franc has significantly weakened the €uro and UK’s pound sterling- the new exchange rates indicate as released by the Central Bank.

At the close of business last week, Rwanda currency had deeply crashed giving an upper-hand to the U$ Dollar and other foreign currencies.

Under the new exchange rates released by the central bank (BNR) Thursday, the U$ Dollar can be bought with Rwf 846.5 and sold at Rwf863.5.

To buy €uros, traders will have to pay Rwf1015/€ and sell at Rwf1035/€. Last week, the Euro was being sold at a value of 1€/Rwf1051- this indicates a further drop in value of the €uro.

For the British Pound Sterling, the new exchange rates indicate that traders can buy the pound at Rwf 1150/£ and sell at Rwf1173/£. Last week business closed when the £ was selling at Rwf 1203/£ and buying at Rwf1179/£.

However the central Bank did not attribute the fluctuations to any.

Follow the detailed latest exchange rates for dozens of currencies in relation to Rwandan currency.



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