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Female Journalists Should Be Optimistic- Dr. Jjuuko

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Female Journalists Should Be Optimistic- Dr. Jjuuko

A 54 year-old, mother of seven, an impeccable East African female media practitioner and lecturer, born in Uganda Dr. Margaret Jjuuko is hitherto a very great example and mirror of future female journalists after managing to outstandingly juggle motherhood, media studies and work.

Dr. Jjuuko proves herself to be another “YES WE CAN” impetus to inspire young ladies reminding them of hard working spirit and advising them just to perpetually be optimistic and ambitious as well.

She was the sixth Ugandan who got a PhD in journalism and communication studies but above all she was the third Ugandan lady to hold such a kind of honorable degree. She also worked for powerful media houses including BBC and South African SBC.

Challenging and may be dismaying though it was, she says that she endeavored to work as hard as possible in that career for she was thoroughly dedicated despite all hindrances.

“It is not very easy working in media when you are a mother because you even have some other responsibilities,” She pinpoints.

She told Taarifa that she wholeheartedly liked journalism career from her childhood which made her even practice it after completing high school prior to dealing with mass communication at Makerere University.

Dr Jjuuko underscores that it was not until had she joined university and kicked-off studying media, when she understood that there were obligations for journalists including informing and educating which really opened her mind.

When she was firstly working in Uganda as a writer, TV and radio journalist, Jjuuko was producing stories concerning agriculture, environment and health which really made her approach rural dwellers and witnessed how crucial they are in the development of the country.

“Being part of these human related areas really made me a strong journalist and successful in the field of journalism,” She adds.

Dr. Margaret Jjuuko was the sixth Ugandan that achieved a PhD in journalism and communication studies

The fact that there were a few women who had been enrolled to school in her native country Uganda, Jjuuko says that it even motivated her to study hard so that she could be a good example and she finally made it when she went to South Africa to pursue PhD.

“You cannot go to that level unless there is interest. First and foremost, you need to like what you are doing. So the love of what you are doing will engage you to go deeper, to know and understand more which results into reading and analyzing.” She advises young ladies.

“When you have an ambition, you will have frame work of reference which will tell you that if you want to become a PhD you need good grades when you are undergraduates.” Juuko adds.

She also sheds more light upon the impact of women who are committed to work hard saying that their commitment may be the root cause of the development of their families and countries as well.

“When you want to be a good mother, you have to be economically independent which even contribute a lot to education of your children for you are able to enroll them to the best schools” She says.

She then mentions that Rwanda is an African country that provides unique opportunities to women and calls upon young ladies’ attention just to exploit them working hard.

In her career path, she proves that she is highly thankful to her family especially her husband and her mother who were very supportive and tried their bests to take care of the children in case of her absence.

Jjuuko is currently a lecturer at University of Rwanda in a School of Journalism and communication and says she’s privileged to have taught and trained many a journalist and communicator in Rwanda and even in other countries she passed through.

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