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Tanzania Children From Wealthy Families Denied Scholarships


Tanzania Children From Wealthy Families Denied Scholarships

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has once again stirred controversy after announcing that under his government, children from wealthy families will not be given state scholarships.

The reason President Magufuli gives is that his country is facing many challenges including ensuring that children from poor families access free education from primary to college.

According to Magufuli, the government has increased the number of students qualified for higher education to 130000 and all these require a whooping Tshs427billion.

“Government is facing a lot of challenges in educating children, and its even sad that a report shows that at least 3500 ghost students accessed loans while thousands others had finished studies but have been elusive in paying back their loans,” Magufuli said.

Tanzania spends Tshs23.8billion every month on free education.

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