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Over 100 Rwandans Dead Due To Torrential Rainfalls-Report

At least 116 people re reported dead due to landslides and floods caused by torrential rainfall since the year began, officials say.

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees Affairs (MIDMAR) recorded the deaths and about 207 serious injuries caused by either rains or landslides and storms.

In a report released on Monday evening, MIDMAR said 1201 houses have also been destroyed and 4130 plus two administrative buildings damaged as the result of the floods, landslides, thunderstorms and strong winds, lightning, fire or hailstorm.

The damages also include 2433ha of crops, 23 roads, 33 bridges, 7 churches, 21 classrooms and 705 cattle.

Nyaruguru, Kamonyi, Ngororero, Rulindo and Gasabo Districts are reported to be the most affected.

Taarifa had reported earlier last week of 19 deaths and 91 injuries in only Nyaruguru District.

In Kamonyi Distrct, 12 died, 13 were injured, 1060 houses destroyed and other 46 damaged while 13 lost their lives and other 18 were injured in Ngororero District.

MIDIMAR announced it has supported the affected population and it comforted families whose members have been killed by disasters.

In Rubavu District, MIDIMAR supported the population affected by disasters including Nyundo School of Music and Art. Students’ materials were eroded by floods.

The Minister of MIDIMAR, Jeanne d’Arc De Bonheur, argued the population to be mindful of weather changes.

MIDIMAR also comforted the population of Jabana Sector, Gasabo District whose family members were killed by landslides that fell on their houses.

The Minister advised the population to adopt community-based practices for disaster risk reduction including canalizing water, terracing, proper land use and planting trees.

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