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DRC Parliament Debates Distribution Of Seats Ahead Of Elections


DRC Parliament Debates Distribution Of Seats Ahead Of Elections

The review of the draft law on the distribution of electoral seats for the December 2018 elections began Wednesday (April 25th) in the National Assembly in the DRC.

The electoral calendar provides that it must be promulgated no later than May 8 to avoid the risk of slippage. So there is little time left.

However, this law was established on the basis of the electoral register, presented by the Independent National Electoral Commission on April 6, but disputed by the opposition and still waiting to be audited by the International Organization of La Francophonie.

At the end of the session, the text was sent back to committee to be reworked.

At the beginning of the meeting, MP Fabien Mutomb asked for a postponement. For the opponent, to examine a law elaborated from an electoral register which has yet to be audited by the OIF, that makes no sense.

“Imagine that after their audit, they find it necessary to return to the eventual enrollment,” he worries.

“Dilatory maneuver,” say the majority MPs. Rejected request. “This vote is a decisive step towards the elections,” then pleads the Deputy Prime Minister, Henri Mova.

Then the debate begins and several MPs deplore anomalies in the distribution of voters and seats in the territory.

“Wherever we kill every day, it is where there are more enlisted than where there is peace. It is still serious this way of doing things, “believes Jean-Baudouin Mayo.

The text of the bill returns to committee

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Aubin Minaku intervenes. “If every member of parliament comes to the calculations, we may even give the impression to the public that the work presented is sloppy.

Yet it is a professional job, but that can be improved in some ways if possible, thanks to the lighting of those who know the case, the organizing power, namely Ceni, “he says.

The president of the Ceni, who attends the debate, then explains his method, while recognizing that the grooming of the file is not fully completed.

The debate, described as “technical”, is referred back to committee before further examination. The president of the National Assembly gave 48 hours to the commission of laws to rework the text with the Ceni and the deputies.

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