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First Rwandan Roasted Coffee Shipment Hits USA Market At Doubled Price


First Rwandan Roasted Coffee Shipment Hits USA Market At Doubled Price

For the first time, Rwanda will export value-added coffee after years of struggles to cut down the export of raw coffee beans that were fetching less revenue for the farmers.

The Rwanda National Agricultural Export Board (NAEB) will this Friday send ten tones of roasted coffee, worth US$77,000 (about Rwf 66.2million), to the USA.

The shipment (Gorilla Coffee), purchased by Global Food Production Corporation, a US company, belongs to RFCC (Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company).

Initially, coffee exporters sold only green coffee beans, which after all the hard work put in by both farmers and processors, did not allow them negotiate for a better price due lack of value addition.

In this case for example, the ten-tones shipment (green beans) would have cost only half of the value they will earn; USD 47,812 (about Rwf33.1 million).

Rwandan coffee is exported to almost all countries worldwide, but the biggest portion still goes to Europe and USA.

Last year, Rwanda exported 18,670,718 tones of green beans, valued at US$ 64.2 million. Had it been roasted, it would have fetched double the revenues; around US$128.4 million.

Coffee, the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, remains one of the major export products in Rwanda, sharing more than 42% of the value of traditional export crops (tea, coffee and pyrethrum).

NAEB is currently supporting and regulating the coffee industry through its transformation to a specialty grade producer and deeply committed to achieving the highest levels of quality coffee.

Additionally, NAEB helps coffee farmers in capacity building, processors and exporters in getting export documents including connectivity to buyers.

A coffee warehouse facility is also availed to coffee ready for export at NAEB premises.

More effort is now being put in expanding coffee plantations and increasing infrastructure. Currently, there are 89.7 million trees nationally, from 72 million in 2012. New 77 Coffee Washing Stations have been built, making it 297 in 2017 from 220 coffee processing facilities in 2012.

Rwandan coffee has a global appreciation to its taste and aromatic qualities. 


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