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Rwandan Priest Expelled From Catholic Church

The Catholic Church in Rwanda has expelled priest Augustine Ndikumana from Gikongoro Diocese and also banned him from sacerdotal duties, the announcement signed by Celestin Hakizimana, bishop of Gikongoro says.

For at least two years, Ndikumana will not be allowed to administer the sacrament and Catholic Church believers are warned not to seek religious advice from him.

“We are informing everyone especially Catholic Church Christians that priest Augustine Ndikubwimana has been defrocked of his sacerdotal duties for at least two years,” reads a letter written by Celestin Hakizimana, the Episcope of the Diocese to the followers.

“We have accompanied him with our prayer, and let us help him receive what can benefit him spiritually like praying, receiving sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Repentance,” the letter adds.

However, throughout the letter there is no mention as of what could be the reason behind Ndikumana’s suspension, but there is no compliment for his service to the church.


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