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Night Downpour Claims Lives, Destroys Property

Heavy rains that started pouring last night throughout the country have claimed lives.

In some instances, the rains caused landslides that collapsed on people while in other parts of Kigali city, houses collapsed on occupants while sleeping.

The rain in Kanombe sector hill resulted in floods closing off the part of the road from Ndera to Mulindi being. The houses under that road collapsed.

The rain did its worst in Ngoma sector, Rulindo district as the house collapsed on a husband, wife, their son and their two granddaughters.

Four of them died on the spot including the husband, wife and their granddaughters. Only their son Leonidas Kanani survived.

Among those killed there is Bernardino Nzabanita aged 78, her wife Anne Marie Ikitegetse 72, their two granddaughters Pascasie Yankurije and Sandrine Nakabonye born in 2006.

Officer in charge of social affairs in Ngoma sector Theoneste Rwishema told Umuseke that the catastrophe was caused by a landslide resulting from heavy rain that started at around 11pm.

The bodies of the victims were taken to Rutongo hospital.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Ndera sector, Masoro cell in Gasabo district, a house wall collapsed killing a two-year old. Others were taken to the hospital.

In Kinyinya sector, Kagugu cell, a house wall collapsed killing four people including a husband, wife and their two children aged five and three.

At Kimironko sector, Kibagabaga cell in Rindiro village the heavy rain caused another house to collapse, killing a maid but others sustained minor injuries.

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