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American Radio, Amazing Grace Suspended In Rwanda Over Indecency

Rwanda Utilities Regulations Authority (RURA) on Tuesday announced that it has pulled down from airwaves Amazing Grace Christian Radio and revoked its license.

The revocation comes after the radio failed to comply with RURA’s request to apologize to the public.

RURA decided to sanction Amazing Grace after a sermon aired on January 29, 2018.

A radio presenter, Nicholas Niyibikora, referred to women as evil.

This broadcast was followed by a pattern of similar shows insulting other religious beliefs.

However, during a hearing before the Rwanda Media Commission, the radio owner an American evangelist Greg Schoof, denounced the sermon saying due to funding constraints he had not hired a content editor for its Kinyarwanda programmes.

This conduct violates article 21 (4a and 4b) of regulation no. 004/R/MR-MCA/RURA/2017 of June 30th 2017 governing broadcasting services in Rwanda in regard to upholding morality in the Rwandan culture and values in general.

After the breach of the regulations RURA imposed sanctions against Amazing Grace including making an apology by correcting the aired program, a one-month suspension of the Radio and a fine of Rwf2m (two million).

RURA dispatched a letter requesting Amazing Grace Christian Radio, which belongs to an American evangelist Greg Schoof, to explain why it did not comply with the sanctions.

The reasons given in response were found to be unsatisfactory.

Consequently, RURA has decided to revoke the license for providing broadcasting services and the radio communication license issued to Amazing Grace Christian Radio.

The radio is ordered to comply with this decision within two working days from April 24, 2018.

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