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Binagwaho To Share Rwanda’s Health System In Haiti


Binagwaho To Share Rwanda’s Health System In Haiti

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, Rwanda’s former Health Minister who is currently Rector of the University of Global Health Equity, is visiting Haiti where she will present the health system of Rwanda and the progress made during the last 24 years.

During her visit to Haiti, Professor Agnes Binagwaho will present the trajectory that has enabled Rwanda to significantly improve its health system in the last twenty-four years and will try to identify lessons that could be useful for a country like Haiti.

Agnès Binagwaho will visit the University Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM), participate in the inauguration of the oncology unit; she will hold a working meeting with the conference of deans of medical schools, and also present at two conferences, one at the Faculty of Medicine of the UEH [Universite d’Etat de Haiti], the other at Quisqueya University on “The determining factors of the transformation of the system in Rwanda”.

“We will create a campus here. We will start by educating on the science of health sector implementation through short and repeated training to learn how to implement and manage programs, to reflect on how to reorganize the health sector, to solve the problem of the system, “she said.

She is scheduled to meet with the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Greta Roy Clément, and members of the Presidential Commission for Health System Reform.

“We have as a mission to change the way the health care is delivered around the world,” said the former Minister of Health answering questions from Le Nouvelliste, the Haitian daily newspaper.

“The training that is provided is based on principles of the science of implementation. This science is applicable in all sectors,” explained Dr. Binagwaho.

Binagwaho believes that today’s universities train young people to be good clinicians in an abstract way about the environment and that the global system of health education does not prepare students to solve the most urgent health problems.

She further explained the reasons for changing the paradigm. “As the world changes, problems change, solutions must adapt,” she argued, noting that university-educated people have a whole new vision of their work.

Dr. Agnes Binagwaho is in Haiti on the invitation of Zanmi Lasante a Haitian organization led by Dr. Paul Farmer.

With more than 150 scientific publications, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho’s academic commitments include research in areas such as health equity, HIV/AIDS, information and communication technologies (ICTs) for health, and health systems and the provision of pediatric care.

She is active in advocacy and political mobilization for women and children in Rwanda and around the world.


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