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RPF In Talks With China’s Oldest Intelligence Agency


RPF In Talks With China’s Oldest Intelligence Agency

Rwanda Patriotic Front Party Secretary General Francois Ngarambe on Thursday met with a delegation from China’s Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR).

According to the party twitter handle, Ngarambe met CICIR high delegation at the RPF party headquarters at Rusororo.

However, the party did not disclose details of their meeting.

The origins of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations can be traced back to the Communist Party’s intelligence operations during the Chinese civil war and Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945).

CICIR was established in 1965 and at that time, it fell under the Foreign Affairs Leading Group of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

While CICIR’s research spans the range of international affairs, its major focus is the U.S. and U.S.-China relations.

The institute has held considerable influence over China’s foreign policy decision-making process due in part to its close organizational proximity to the Communist Party’s Central Committee, the Foreign Affairs Leading Group, the Foreign Affairs Office.

The institute’s relevance to the foreign policy process is further bolstered by its large research staff and ability to produce timely intelligence analysis.

Rwanda has just created a civilian Investigation body RIB, But only has 400 detectives all transferred from Rwanda National Police.

Detectives under the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) may require to receive specialized skills in intelligence gathering, synthesis and coordination. The CICIR experiences here could be very important for Rwanda to tap in.

CICIR provides reports to Chinese government departments, publishes research in academic journals, carries out projects on commission from government, conducts joint research projects with domestic and foreign institutions, promoting academic exchanges, offering Master’s and PhD programs.

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau will definitely require to grow and expand to cover the entire country but this will come at a cost. Investing massively in the intellectual capacity of it human resource to deal with modern challenges in intelligence.

For Col. Jeannot Ruhunga, the Secretary General of RIB, the growing economy of the country ushers in a new dimension of crimes which require specialized handling.

However, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) needs to court more partners across the globe to pick a lot of expertise especially in manipulation of new technologies, cyber security,financial crimes prevention management among others.

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