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EALA Members Discuss Regional Security

Confronted with massive security challenges in the region including; terrorists in Somalia, mutiny and rebellion in South Sudan, political instability in Burundi and multiple armed groups in neighbouring DRC, the East African community needs urgent solutions.

On thursday, members of the East African Legislative Assembly discussed regional security and ways of improving cooperation.

“EALA Members of the Committee on Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution met today with the Members of the Committee on Defence, Security and Foreign Affairs of the Tanzania Parliament (bunge) to discuss on issues related to regional affairs,” reads a communique.

In 2007, the African Union created the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to support the Federal Government of Somalia’s forces in their battle against Al-Shabaab militants.  Kenya, Uganda, Burundi have been contributing troops.

Meanwhile, in south Sudan has also had its share of insecurity with multiple military mutinies and counter insugencies leading to internal displacements and fear of spill over effects to neighbouring countries.

Rwanda and other countries have contributed troops to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

In a similar insecurity incidence, Burundi has sunk into the gutters when army general Godefroid Niyombare said that he was “dismissing President Pierre Nkurunziza” following the 2015 Burundian unrest

Nkurunziza has since been pushing for a third term. East Africa has since failed to convince Nkurunziza to rescind from his position.

Since April, 9th, the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) has been convening in Dodoma the seat of Parliament (Bunge) of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Meanwhile, EALA on Wednesday extensively debated and passed the East African Community Oaths Bill, 2018 paving way for employees of the Community and persons giving evidence before the East African Court of Justice the Assembly and related quasi bodies to swear oath of affirmation.


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