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Concerned Kenyan Wants Presidential Term Reduced To 4 years


Concerned Kenyan Wants Presidential Term Reduced To 4 years

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta will return from the Commonwealth Heads of State meeting in London to his home country and find a sensitive demand that seeks to reduce the time a person of his office will spend in State House.

Ezekiel Njeru Namu a concerned Kenyan citizen has thrown the spanner in the the wheel and brought Kenya to the presidential term limits debate.

Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi have already had their share of this debate.

Rwanda managed to reduce presidential term limits from 7 years to five. Neighbouring Uganda has scrapped off the age limit for one to run for presidency and is already in process of revising the presidential term limits.

Uganda suggests that presidential term limits be increased from the current 5-year term to 7-year term.

Njeru Namu has petitioned Kenyan Parliament seeking to have the presidential term reduced and that of Parliamentarians increased.

He wants MPs to amend Article 101 of the Constitution and allow Members of the National Assembly to serve for six years, Senators to serve for seven years and reduce the presidential term from five years to four years.

Namu also wants the number of constituencies increased to 300 from the current 290.

He has therefore asked Parliament to amend section 89 on delimitation of Constituencies and increase the area of representation in the National Assembly to 300.

Njeru also wants the National Assembly to amend section 98 of the Constitution to do away with Senate nominations for women.

He also wants to do away with nominations based on gender in the County Assemblies while allowing the Assemblies to use local dialects in their deliberations.



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