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Police Officially Transfers Hundreds Of Detectives To RIB

Rwanda National Police has officially handed over its judicial police functions including criminal and counter-terrorism investigation, crime intelligence, and economic and financial crimes investigation.

The newly created Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is officially assuming this responsibility. The package includes also 400 officers that will operate as detectives under the civilian body.

The handover event was presided over by the Justice Minister Johnston Busingye flanked by IGP Emmanuel K. Gasana and the RIB Secretary General Col. Jeannot Ruhunga and Deputy Secretary General Isabelle Kalihangabo on Wednesday morning.

According to IGP Gasana, these changes are meant “to empower our justice systems in addressing contemporary cross border and economic crimes.”

The new agency RIB can effect arrest and detain suspects in criminal cases; cordon off and restrict access to an area or set up a roadblock for the purposes of maintaining security, preventing or detecting crimes.

Over 400 police officers formerly working under CID of Rwanda National Police transferred to Newly created Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB)

According to Minister Busingye, “the Justice Ministry will provide all possible support to facilitate Rwanda Investigation Bureau to realise its mandate. To the staff of RIB, you can only derive success from discipline and integrity.”

Meanwhile, RIB Deputy Secretary General Isabelle Kalihangabo also unveiled RIB insignia, website, contact numbers and social media accounts.

Last week, Col. Ruhunga, the pioneer Secretary General of RIB said Rwanda’s economy is growing and, “there is a new dimension of crimes. Creation of RIB is supposed to address the new nature of crimes and alot of other illicit activities including fraud, cyber crime, terrorism and more that the CID was not capable of handling.”

According to Justice Minister Busingye, under the new changes, rendering justice will speed up.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) will carry out investigations on criminal cases under the supervision and instruction of the National Public Prosecution Authority.

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