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RDF Responds To Accidental Crossing Of Soldiers Into DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Monday 16 April handed over to Rwanda two Rwandan soldiers who have crossed the border into DRC on Sunday. One of the soldiers is a lieutenant, another an ordinary soldier.

Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) said in a statement that these soldiers found themselves astray in Congo on Sunday around 20 h while on duty in Rubavu district.

They were then intercepted by the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) serving on the border, in the area near Karundo village, Mbugangali cell in Gisenyi sector. It is about 10 meters from the border between Rwanda and DRC.

Lt Col Innocent Munyengango said that “the problem was caused by the fact that the boundary separating the two countries is not visible. This is something sad, but it happens. We have as well handed over FARDC soldiers many times after having crossed the border towards our side. For instance, we handed over 34 soldiers to DRC between 2016 and 2018.”

RDF also announced that it has followed that problem up in collaboration with FARDC and the Great Lakes Region Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism Army Forces to restore the two Rwandan soldiers to Rubavu, Rwanda.

Major Guillaume Ndjike had previously announced that they have handed these soldiers over and said they wish Rwanda could do the same for Congolese soldiers that cross the border into Rwanda.

Ndjike also said that they handed over the soldiers safely to prove to the international community that they obey international human rights.

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