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Former Executive Secretary Denies Gruesome Murder Of Child


Former Executive Secretary Denies Gruesome Murder Of Child

The former Executive Secretary for Kinigi Sector Claude Manzi Munyarugendo has denied involvement in the death of a 2-year old baby who was burnt to death in Muko sector – Musanze Intermediate Court heard today.

Baby Kevine Uwineza burned to death on Easter as the mattress she was lying on caught fire from the burning house. Her mother Sonia Muhawenimana 22, had locked her in the house and left.

Manzi, was then arrested and later replaced while the mother of the child is being prosecuted.

During the trial today, the prosecution said that the accused provided the victim’s mother with money to terminate the problem of the child they had together in secret. Before she died, this child had once gone missing and was found after three days.

In this trial, the witness Nirere said that she was urged by the victim’s mother to kidnap her, but she could not do this. Instead, she advised her to take the child to her grandmother because by doing this, she would not continue to be a problem.

However, Nirere denies taking part in killing the child and says that after failing to kidnap the child, Manzi became angry against her and they did not talk to each other for quite a long time.

Meanwhile, the prosecution says that Manzi took part in the killing of the kid because he had been attempted unsuccessfully. It is said that he was worried because he fathered the child out of wedlock.

In the hearing, Manzi denied all the accusations saying that there was no tangible proof for what he is being accused of. He also denied being the father of the deceased child, saying her true father is called Nsengiyumva.

In the court, the prosecution said that Manzi has tried his best to conceal that he impregnated five women. The prosecution also said that the accused met with Muhawenimana when he assisted her learning to weave. He then befriended her until they fell in love and bore a child.

Meanwhile, the accused said he has issues with Nirere, the witness, because she once accused him of impregnating her. Nirere told the court that she was herself impregnated by Manzi but he helped her carryout an abortion.

After hearing both sides throughout the forenoon, the court said that this trial is adjourned to 18 April at 15h.

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