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Russia Brings Commercial Aviation Fight To East Africa


Russia Brings Commercial Aviation Fight To East Africa

Africa’s airlines that want to import Russian manufactured commercial planes have a very tempting deal offered by the Kremlin, in Moscow.

African countries predominantly make aircraft purchases from western firms mostly US Boeing and European Airbus.

The Russian Export Sector (REC) has cliched a deal with African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) which will extend financing to African-based operators that want to make purchases.

Afreximbank has provided $20billion fund to support Africa’s airlines and has promised to provide further funds to improve aviation infrastructure.

Rene Awambeng, the Afreximbank global head of client relations said,“The effective movement of goods and people is fundamental to Africa’s trade, growth and development objectives. Consequently, improving international, regional and domestic air transport has become a key priority area,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is strategically steering his country back to the global arena at all fronts

Russian civil aircraft as well as manufacturers of air traffic control equipment have been in Kenya as part of a three-country intra-Africa roadshow to meet public and private sector aviation stakeholders to promote the Russian aviation industry products.

The one-day workshop saw Russian aircraft models showcased.

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