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Rwanda Will Not Reverse Decision On Second Hand Clothes


Rwanda Will Not Reverse Decision On Second Hand Clothes

Rwanda has responded to President Donald Trump’s announcement on Thursday last week that he is going to scrap Rwanda from duty-free treatment under the Africa Growth Opportunity Act.

A statement issued by the government says, “The withdrawal of AGOA benefits is at the discretion of the United States.”

The statement adds that “AGOA is a commendable unilateral gesture to African countries, including Rwanda, meant to promote trade and development through exports.”

The notification by Trump in a letter to the US Congress said that Rwanda’s duty-free status for apparel will end in 60 days if no corrective actions are taken.

His move follows that of the East African countries to raise tariffs on second-hand clothing imports, in order to promote local manufacturing capacity in garment and other industries.

USA President Removes Rwanda From AGOA

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