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Four Men Trapped In Mine, Rescued After 4 Days


Four Men Trapped In Mine, Rescued After 4 Days

Four men that were trapped in a mine have been successfully rescued four days after a giant rock collapsed and closed them inside a mine at Mwurire sector in Rwamagana district.

On the fateful day (Saturday), five men were busy blasting through rocks 250 meters underneath the earth crust. However, a giant rock above them began showing signs that it was about to collapse on them and one of the men immidiately run outside to safety but the other four remained trapped underneath.

The surviving worker informed authorities that immediately mobilized resources and technicians to dig out the trapped men to safety.

On Tuesday, Rwamagana district Mayor informed media that the four men were successfully retrieved from the mine alive and were rushed to Rwamagana district hospital to assess their health situation.

The five men are employees of PELLA mining company from South Africa.


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