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Kidumu Critically Sick, Suspects Could Have Been Poisoned


Kidumu Critically Sick, Suspects Could Have Been Poisoned

Reports from Bujumbura indicate that Burundi’s celebrated musician is critically ill and is being monitored at a health facility.

Niyimbona Jean Pierre (aka Kidumu) suspects that he may have been poisoned

“My condition is very worse and cant rule out poisoning. But whoever has done this to me wants to kill the innocent,” Kidumu said.

The singer who has trotted the region and made several collabos with artists, says he is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

“Whoever has done this to me will not achieve their goal. But even if I die, more Kidumu’s (artists) will emerge and continue with my music journey,” Kidumu was quoted by local media.

Death Threats  

Kidumu’s critics have for many months been posting threatening messages including issuing death threats to the singer.

However, the singer who has been based in Kenya responded with a tough jab saying that whoever was hiding behind social media to threaten his life was fighting a losing battle.

With the growing levels of political instability in Burundi, the musician has been linked to section of Burundians critical of the government of Pierre Nkurunziza.

He said earlier that he was not a politician and his only passion is music.

The musician had take a long break from his country spending almost two years without stepping on Burundi territory.

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