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No Jokes, S. Sudan Dreams Of Africa’s “Humanitarian Assistance” To Europe And America


No Jokes, S. Sudan Dreams Of Africa’s “Humanitarian Assistance” To Europe And America

S. Sudan Cabinet Affairs Minister, Martin Elia Lomoro, has a great sense of Humor.

While his country is grappled with continuous violence that has created one of Africa’s worst humanitarian crises, Martin Elia Lomoro, told fellow African leaders at the just concluded AU Summit in Kigali that he has a dream, “that one day, Africa will make donations for humanitarian crisis and development projects in America, in Europe, in Asia and elsewhere.”

Despite the fact that his statement was short and not expounded upon, Minister Lomoro’s point of view left many of his counterparts subtitling laughing, but perplexed as well.

The countries he was dreaming of Africa offering them humanitarian assistance have not only plundered the continent to the bone, but have caused so much suffering in his own county.

The U.S. for example, before Minister Lomoro even arrived back home, has just slapped his country with sanctions on 15 oil entities.

On Wednesday 21 after over 40 African leaders put pen on a historic Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the U.S. Department of State imposed a license requirement on all exports, re-exports, and transfers of any U.S.-origin items to the 15 South Sudanese entities.

The U.S. says the revenues have contributed to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and that South Sudanese government, and corrupt official actors, use this revenue to purchase weapons and fund irregular militias that undermine the peace, security, and stability of South Sudan rather than support the welfare and current emergency food needs of the South Sudanese people, according to Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert.

Good enough, however, Minister Lomoro was able to admit that “the success of this project (AfCFTA), will depend on security in Africa.”

He said that, “Today as we speak sixteen countries in Africa are experiencing either internal war, terrorism or post war conflicts.”

He called upon the Chairperson of the African Union, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, to therefore, “regard rebellion and ethnicity as a negative activity that will compromise success of these Africans dream project.

“In this respect, I call upon the AU to support the eagerly high level revaitalization peace process and EGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) hosted by leadership and hospitality of the people of Ethiopia, whom we all respect and support,” he said adding that,

“I further call upon Ethiopia, Ivory coast, Guinea to stand with South Sudan in the UN security council where by the enemies of South Sudan looking for regime change a targeting our government and my people, otherwise Mr. Chairman with due respect I owe you great honour.”

Like the rest of the participants at the summit, Minister Lomoro praised and congratulated President Kagame in his capacity as the Chairman of the AU for a monumental milestone.

“The document that was signed today was technically astute, ably negotiated and legally scrapped to the extent that it attracted more countries above the agreed threshold of 22 countries.

He said this was a indeed a sign that the continent had achieved economic independency and prosperity of Africa.


S. Sudan is one of the countries that signed all the three legal instruments

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