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Ghana Requests Kagame To Host AFCFTA Secretariat


Ghana Requests Kagame To Host AFCFTA Secretariat

Ghana has expressed interest to become home to the historic continental pact, the African Continental Free trade Area (AfCFTA).

The request was made by Ghana on Wednesday at the end of the 10 Extraordinary Summit in the capital Kigali after 44 African countries agreed and signed the AfCFTA Agreement.

Ghana has already indicated readiness to host the CFTA secretariat and hoped that the request will be looked at by President Kagame as Chairperson of AU. 

President Kagame said that the point raised by Ghana has been looked into by the Commission’s legal team.

 Article 13 , he said, states that the secretariat, first, the assembly shall establish the secretariat beside on its nature, location and approve its structure and budget.

Secondly, the commission shall be the interim secretariat until it is  fully operation.

Thirdly, the secretariat shall be a functional autonomous institution or body within the AU system with independent legal personality.

The fourth element is that, the secretariat shall be autonomous of the AU commission.

Further more, the funds of the  secretariat shall come from the overall annual budget of the AU.

Additionally, the roles  and responsibilities of secretariat shall be determined  by the council of ministers of trade.

“So, clearly if you look at number one, which I started with the assembly will be the one deciding. I think it has captured all the views and has indicated what has to be done. I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that the point raised by Ghana  earlier as been taken care of,” President Kagame said.

Meanwhile, Ghana is one of the countries that signed all the three legal instruments during the 10th Extraordinary Summit in Kigali.

Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, signed all the three instruments

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