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Book Review: Karen Bugingo Is A Panther: Her Story Tells You How Far We Can Go To Fight For Dear Life


Book Review: Karen Bugingo Is A Panther: Her Story Tells You How Far We Can Go To Fight For Dear Life

The first 100 pages of Karen Bugingo’s Book: My Name Is Life, one feels the young lady is just telling her youthful experiences. The happy days of joining high school.

The love monologues that sound like Cinderella’s. Basically, Karen spends much of her four chapters preparing you for a disaster.

Having heard that the book is about her struggles with cancer, and what she went through, I kept reading looking for the bad news.

I did not know what I was craving for.

At the end of chapter four and in the early pages of chapter five, she takes us through how doctors in Rwanda and Kenya couldn’t trace any cancer. She was a walking dead body, but no doctor was able to see it.

She flew to India. Her narration of the tube in her nose through her throat gave me goosebumps.

Mark you, how Karen mixes humor and horror is just an artists ability rarely found in narrations of writers who haven’t made it a career. As a writer, I saw talent in her story telling techniques. She is a beast.

Back to the book.

Karen does not do you favour. She hangs you on the rope until a later stage. She basically keeps dangling the carrot. The story telling is tormentingly good, but sad.

Half way in the book, thats when Karen does the needful; saves you from emotional shred.

Three words: “I had cancer.”

And that is where the whole story changes; learning that this you girl had been feeding a stage four Burkitt lymphoma cancer for I guess only God knows when.

This is a type of cancer that starts in immune cells called B-cells. Recognised as the fastest growing human tumor, Burkitt lymphoma is associated with impaired immunity and is rapidly fatal if left untreated.

So, Karen had a limping leg. Find out in the book what she was suffering from, but it was nasty. The beautiful girl could not believe what she was going through; she questioned God’s intentions.

Oh, she does not save us from her love story with Jordan. How she describes the handsome boy who swept her off the ground is one of those experiences that if you did not go through them, her story will be enough.

If you need to know if she recovered, read the book. I wont spoil the broth.

Just make sure you are prepared for her humorous tales of the pilipili land, India. Oh, and the grandmother who raised her and her lovely brother as orphans.

No, I am done. Read the book.

The book is available on Amazon and in the book stores in Kigali and Kampala.

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