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Two Men Under Custody For Allegedly Murdering Their Father


Two Men Under Custody For Allegedly Murdering Their Father

Police in Musambira Sector of Kamonyi District are holding two brothers suspected of murdering their father Vedaste Nemeye, 68.

Vedaste Nemeye’s body was discovered in the morning of March 13, when the workers who worked in his farms found his corpse in the house as they went in to look for hoes to go plough in the planation.

Southern Province Police Spokesperson, CIP Emmanuel Kayigi, said that, [following Nemeye’s death] “his two sons are the ones who were arrested. They did not live in the same house with him; they lived in the small house opposite the one he lived in. He no longer lived with his wife [Jeanne d’Arc Kampire] after separating due to family land disputes.”

He said that, “They [allegedly] killed him from the house he lived in and dumped him into the main house. His corpse was seen by his farm workers.” Police said the body looked as if he had been hit with a sharp object on the head.

The deceased is said to have been hanging out with other people the previous evening and he went home fine. “The investigation is ongoing as the police interrogates the two sons who were seen in the old man’s house,” CIP Kayigi added.

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