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Rwanda Invests Rwf25.3billion To Boost Teaching English, Maths


Rwanda Invests Rwf25.3billion To Boost Teaching English, Maths

Rwanda is investing almost Rwf25.3billion to strengthen teaching of Maths and English subjects especially from form 1 up to form 3.

The new approach was announced Tuesday by the Building learning Foundation (BLF) team in partnership with the government.

This initiative targets 2.6 million children across the country.

According to BLF, the program has been carefully designed by in close collaboration with the Education Ministry and Rwanda Education Board (REB) to complement, support and enhance existing systems and structures at National, District, sector and school levels.

“We chose p1 to p3 as foundation level and we focused on English because it is an international language and Mathematics is a basic of many skills of science” said Sarah Motcalt head of office of Department for international Development.

She added that they are focusing on improving the system of education building teacher’s capacity, involving students in their learnings.

BLF program will help teachers to improve knowledge; some heads of school have been trained on delivering better.

Mukarugira Goergine a head mattress of groupe scholaire St paul in Rusizi in Western province, “We learned a lot, especially about leadership. English and Maths teachers will be trained”.

According to Mukarugira BLF started by training heads of school last year in July and this year they will train teachers.

Masengesho Ellie a teacher in Kibaha primary school in Gasabo district said that they are not yet trained but expect a lot from BLF, the program as they were not able to adapt themselves to the new curriculum.

The state minister of primary education Hon. Munyakazi Isaac said, “our teachers are at the heart of learning, and will be trained.”

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