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(VIDEO) Karen Bugingo: The Tough Lady Who Battled Lymphoma Cancer

Karen Bugingo, 24, is a cancer survivor who, at the age of 19, was diagnosed with severe lymphoma (cancer) in her blood. As a result she wrote a book ‘My Name Is Life’, a story that tells about the struggles as a cancer patient until her recovery process. She just launched launched the book, where she narrates her battle against the killer disease and why she chose to share her story.

He book will take you through her experience with an illness that she was carrying.

“It tells of the fear of the unknown experience that I had never heard or seen for a while. I had the fear of having cancer and its effects like hair falling off. This is a story of how everything came crushing before my face and the reality of what happened to me,” she says.

The book already out. You better get yourself a copy and travel her journey; virtually.


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