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UNICEF Warns DRC Against Children Recruited By Militias

Central Africa

UNICEF Warns DRC Against Children Recruited By Militias

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned the DRC government against ongoing recruitment of children into rebel ranks.

Gianfraco Rotigliano the UNICEF representative asked the government authorities to put an end to the tragedy of Djugu so that the alleged perpetrators of the recruitment of children in the ranks of the attackers are answerable for their actions.

“For the moment, we have information that there has been recruitment of children. We have not seen them yet. But I say, the DRC government is no longer recruiting so they are perfectly aligned with us. But when there are armed groups, it will be necessary once this has been solved, we take those who are responsible and we make a correct process of justice, “says Rotigliano.

The head of UNICEF was speaking Thursday in Bunia at the end of a mission to assess the situation of displaced children and women of Djugu. He also announced that UNICEF will continue to provide nutritional support to nearly thirty-three thousand children living at the Djugu IDP site at the Bunia General Hospital.

“As always children are there, they need food, supervision and support, that’s what we’re going to do. These children have just arrived. You can not put a few thousand children in schools in three days.

It is necessary to discuss first with the authorities of the State so that they organize a support. It’s not just us. When the children were here in Bunia for months and months, we had schools but we will not go to schools after a week, “said the representative of UNICEF.

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