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‘I Killed My Wife For Insulting My Relatives’ – Man Tells Court

Nyarugenge Intermediate Court has handed a life sentence to Karegeya Alfred after pleading guilty to murdering his wife.

Court heard that while in Remera sector, Gasabo district in October last year, Karegeya grabbed a hammer and pounded his wife to death. He admits killing the wife identified as Marie Rose Mukeshimana.

During the court session on Friday, Karegeya confessed that he used a hammer and hit his wife direct onto her head.

Karegeya told court that before killing his wife, he made sure that she was very asleep. He reached for the hammer and hit her head killing her instantly.

He later buried her outside their house and quickly planted vegetables to conceal evidence of the grave.

Karegeya further told court that he was fed up with his wife’s behavior towards her inlaws- He said she was very disrespectful and despised him too.

According to Karegeya, his wife had insulted his relatives that in return refused to set foot in Karegeya’s home. This angered Karegeya so much that he hatched a plan to murder Mukeshimana.

Before the incidence, Karegeya had dug a pit latrine which would replace the filled one nearby. So after killing Mukeshimana, he dumped her body in the new pit and covered it.

Court sentenced him to life imprisonment on grounds that Karegeya consciously executed the murder of his wife – Mukeshimana.

When the court requested Karegeya to say something, he said; “either you sentence me to be strangled or not, I would add nothing.”

The trial was conducted in the open with the public present.

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