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American Philanthropists In Rwanda To Offer Pro Bono Training On Service Delivery

Global Health Corporate Champions, an activity of USAID Global Health Fellows Program-II, have launched a one-month project designed to strengthen health systems in Rwanda. The project which is dubbed “Pro Bono Service,” meaning free of cost service, is a joint activity between four leading global companies including the Dow Chemical Company, SAP, GlaxoSmithKline and WE Communications.

Multi-organization teams are the next level of Global Pro Bono, expanding the represented skills sets beyond a single company, and leveraging those skills to address needs in under-served communities and creating an even-more robust leadership development experience.

Each company contributes to the activity by proving high professionals to serve the beneficiaries.

During the one-month (24 Feb-24 March, 2018) period, a team of nine international consultants will be working with three local non-profit organisations whose operations focus on improving public health and wellbeing.

The organisations include Health Development Initiative, Rwanda Women’s Network and Caritas Rwanda.

The project will benefit the host organizations in strengthening capacities.

According to Maia Wagner, Key Client Manager with Pyxera Global, which coordinates the project, the activity will increase the capacity of host organizations in improving the way of serving people better.

“This collaboration will impact the health system in Rwanda in terms of service delivery. Health consultants will work with health institutions to accelerate their performance to bring a significant impact on people’s health,”

Building the capacity of the workers will improve service delivery and improve capacity in their profession, Wagner said.

Reacting to the advancement of health sector in Rwanda, Wagner said that there is also a need of social organisations to contribute to the development in the sector for sustainable development.

Mere Barikungeri, the founder of Rwanda Women Network, expects an improvement of working conditions and partnership with the community.

The service we will get from the consultants with will help us to improve our services and once our services are advanced there will be an effective partnership with the people we serve. she said.

As the global health field evolves in an increasingly connected world, more and more global health work is being carried out by teams and alliances with multiple players—like the Global Health Corporate Champions–across disciplines, industries, and sectors. We increasingly see the need for effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork in the most challenging and challenged places in the world, which activities like this help to develop, at the same time they serve,” said GHFP-II Program Director Sharon Rudy.

This all-star team will partner with NGOs in and around the city of Kigali addressing various aspects regarding community health including clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition security, health system strengthening, and gender inclusion and empowerment.

As a result of the GHCCs assistance, local organizations improve their capability without taking resources away from their everyday operations.

“At Dow, we are committed to engaging employees, customers and communities for impact through our 2025 Sustainability Goals, and we plan to do that in a way that will positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2025.  The Global Health Corporate Champions is one highly leveraged way to do that—aligning the professional expertise and personal passion of some of our most talented leaders while building capacity in underserved communities around the world,” said Rob Vallentine, President, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation.


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