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Fuel Price Has Risen Again In Just 60 Days


Fuel Price Has Risen Again In Just 60 Days

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority announced new pump prices which take effect from this Saturday March 03.

Effectively, petrol will not exceed Rwf1, 055 per liter while diesel will cost Rwf1, 037 per liter.

In January 9th RURA had put petrol at Rwf 1,042 per litre and Rwf1, 031 per litre for diesel.

The pump price in Kigali for the months of November and December had been set at Rwf 1,031 per litre on Gasoline (PMS) and Rwf 994 per litre on Diesel (AGO).

Gasoline (PMS) had increased from Rwf 993/L to Rwf 1,031/L which represented an increase of 3.8% and Diesel (AGO) increased from Rwf 954/L to Rwf 994/L which also represented an increase of 4%.

RURA said this price is expected to be reviewed at the end of April 2018 taking into account international price changes.


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