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Strategy Set To Crack Puzzle On Poor Academic Standards


Strategy Set To Crack Puzzle On Poor Academic Standards

The puzzle that had for long baffled schools in Rwanda could soon be cracked through a new initiative Heads of school organization (HOSO) launched.

HOSO is platform for educators aimed at improving and empowering them to deliver high quality of education.

Gatete Innocent the leader of HOSO says that the new platform will focus on capacity building of educators, and creating conducive environment for them.

It will not only allow them to be good leaders and educators but also instruct them to accomplish their tasks with ownership.

“Many children drop out of school, some attitudes of children are hard to address when you don’t feel that you are the owner of the carrier,” says Gatete.

Gatete told Taarifa that HOSO will also empower and support teachers to improve their welfare in terms of money but cautioned that HOSO is not a syndicate for teachers but the platform will sensitize them to work hard and seek for other sources of income.

HOSO organization has a budget of Rwf14 billion for different programs to empower education sector, and the platform will reach every category in the education sector.

HOSO gave certificates to its varied partners including the state minister in charge of education Isaac Munyakazi, Sina Gerard, BKtechouse and so many others who supported them.

HOSO designed an action plan of 7 years from this year to 2024, for now it has around 8000 members.

Ndagijimana soteri who also attended the training said, “HOSO will help us to handle many problems that we couldn’t resolve ourselves as headmasters and directors of schools, we expect HOSO to be the answer for the high quality of education.”

He said that according to HOSO’s programs he realizes that the quality of education will improve fruitfully.

“BK techouse software will allow us to have more control of most of pupils’ activities for instance to know if they attend classes on time without checking on the attendance list where they sign,” says Ndagijimana.

Launching a new initiative, the Heads of school organization (HOSO)

HOSO organization attracted over 250 participants from government, civil society, private sector, media and directors of schools from 30 districts, from each district there are 4 representatives selected.

Umwizeye Isaac observed that since HOSO will focus on children’s problems, it will be a big success if they handle them starting by pre-primary schools because it is there where problems start.

“We need a quality of education that will allow children to be competitive on the international market, following their dreams and helping them to detect their talent instead of forcing them to study subjects they don’t understand well”.

In closing remarks the state minister Isaac Munyakazi insisted on the passion of what educators do and build trust with parents who give them their children.

“The government did not assign us to construct roads or something else, it assigned us “education” which is not easy to accomplish, this involves the trust from parents therefore if we don’t undertake that, it will affect students,” said Munyakazi.

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