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UN Accuses Kenya,Uganda For Fueling Conflict In South Sudan


UN Accuses Kenya,Uganda For Fueling Conflict In South Sudan

Violence is likely to continue throughout South Sudan in part because some neighbouring countries are helping to arm government forces, the United Nations secretary- general said on Tuesday.

In a report to the Security Council, UN chief Antonio Guterres did not name the countries said to be supplying weapons, which, he charged, pose “the single biggest threat to the protection of civilians in the country.”

But a senior UN official last month named Kenya and Uganda as conduits for arms shipments to South Sudan combatants.

“It is true that large quantities of weapons and ammunition are flowing into South Sudan through Kenya and Uganda,” Adama Dieng, UN special advisor for prevention of genocide, said in an interview in January.

Kenyan Foreign Affairs secretary Dr Monica Juma rejected the allegation as “unfortunate and misguiding.”

According to businessdailyafrica, Guterres stated on Tuesday, however, that “the conflict in South Sudan could not have been sustained for this long without a steady resupply chain of weapons and ammunition to the parties, notably the government.

In September 2008, Somali pirates seized the Faina, a harmless-looking freighter, while it was making its way from Ukraine to the Kenyan port in Mombasa.

But they were astonished when they looked in the holds and discovered what was on board: a treasure trove of weapons from Ukraine, including 33 T-72 tanks, each weighing about 40 tons — enough to win a small war.

The Somalian pirates thus blew the cover on a secret transaction that was even more sinister than their own activities.

After almost five months, the Faina was released after, it is thought, a $3.2 million (€2.4 million) ransom payment, and entered the port of Mombasa on February 12, 2009.

The Kenyan government denied all speculation that the tanks were really destined for Southern Sudan.


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