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Medical School In Burera To Begin Admiting Students


Medical School In Burera To Begin Admiting Students

About 200 students will soon be admitted to a medical school built on top of a hill in remote Burera district.

Construction of this modern facility worth $150million is almost complete.

At the launch of construction works in December 2016, government said the medical school is operating under Global Health Equity University.

The government considers the medical school as a major vehicle to quality education and service delivery in health in rural areas.

This campus has a clinical simulation centre that gives students an opportunity to gain safe hands-on skills.

According to government, taking this medical school to remote location is essential, so that it can serve communities far away from the existing institutions.

This facility is has been set up through cooperation between the Government of Rwanda, Harvard University and Partners In Health.

The campus sits on about 150 hectares. The first phase alone consumed space equivalent to 37 hectares.

“We anticipate the construction works to take two years so that by mid 2018, the first phase of the campus should be complete and we hope to welcome new students in Burera campus in 2018,” Dr Peter Drobac, the university executive director, said in May 2016.

Rwanda was chosen to host this ultra modern medical facility with global standards because the country has over the past years  built an effective healthcare system that embraces all in a credible manner.

“We believe there are important morals and innovations that have been developed by Rwanda’s health sector that can be shared with the rest of the world,”Dr. Drobac said then

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