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Who Killed Pastor Maggie Mutesi? Court Pushes Trial To March


Who Killed Pastor Maggie Mutesi? Court Pushes Trial To March

Nyarugenge Intermediate Court has pushed to March 21st to hear a murder case in which suspect Drake Mugisha is accused of terminating the life of his wife Pastor Maggie Mutesi.

Pastor Mutesi who was also leader of Gates of Heavens Ministries died in September last year. Her death shocked a lot of people. Court has since heard testimonies of her children.

In those testimonies, two of their children one aged 8 and another 13 both told the court that they were not present when their mother was killed.

One of them had gone to pray, while another Deborah 8 was home but did not know when their mother was killed.

She said that she woke up in the morning and took her mother’s mobile phone in her room. Having opened, she was shocked to find that her mother had died, blood still oozing from her face. At this time, her father Mugisha sat next to the body.

The two children further testified that before the incidence, their father had previously tried to chase their mother and once threw her clothes out of the house and asked her to leave.

The court said that the reason Mugisha is suspected for killing pastor Mutesi is based on the testimony of one of his children who walked into their sleeping room and found out that their mother was dead and her father sitting next to her body.

On the other side, Mugisha and his lawyers deny that crime and ask the court to give him fair justice because there is no proof showing that he committed that crime.

He told the court that he did not kill her wife nor did he know when she died. He said he came back from the bathroom and found out that she was dead. They asked the court to dismiss what those children say because they are staying at their uncle who, Mugisha said, had coached them what to say.

However, Mugisha says that Mutesi might have succumbed to anaemia, a condition that she was suffering from.

The side of the accused also asked the court to reject the fake papers showing the results of the autopsy because the doctor who carried it out did not take oath in advance according to the law as other doctors usually do but did it after. But the doctor said that he did not know that that oath exists.

Another argument that the accused bases his reason for asking the court to acquit him is that the testimony provided by her daughter Deborah does not match with the results of the autopsy where the child said she found blood oozing from her mother’s face while medical tests showed that she was strangled, hence a contradiction in testimonies.

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