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VIDEO: Did You Reject A Plot In Kimironko?


VIDEO: Did You Reject A Plot In Kimironko?

Many people have their own experience and stories about Kimironko which is currently one of the fastest growing suburbs of Kigali city.

Kigali city is comprised of three districts including; Nyarugenge,Kicukiro and Gasabo (where Kimironko is located). Under local territorial administration, Kimironko has a Sector status.

There are two entry points to Kimironko. From Kigali city centre , one has to branch off at Kisimenti towards Amahoro national stadium enroute to Kimironko.

Another entry to Kimironko is via Kibagabaga while on the highway from Eastern Province, you would need to branch off at Nyandungu and connect through Kigali Parents School then finally arrive at Kimironko central market.

In mid 1990s up to late 2000s many people were refusing to buy plots in this part of Kigali, some also turned down land offers arguing that the area was too rural and far away from the city Centre.

Only the Prison in Kimironko made this area popular.

Today, Kimironko hosts a score of modern shopping centres, Bars, schools, a University and bigger hotels including plush residential housing and apartments.

Through the Taarifa lens, we bring you Kimironko of 2018 that will never be the same again but if you are one of those that rejected a plot in this part of the city, find out whether the choice you made was worth it.

From Kigali City center you arrive at this roundabout at Kisimenti then turn around to the Left and drive towards Amahoro National stadium and you will be on your way to Kimironko

Kisimenti area is a major shopping hub with nearly all Bank branches, insurence companies, liqour stores and a network of high-end taverns and bars. Night life at this area is worth trying

Taking a view of Kisimenti from former premises of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda which was closed in December 2015. From this position, both roads will lead you to Kimironko

This building is called @Rwahama. It is possibly the first storied building in Kimironko – It was named after the Proprietor

The road branching off Kobil Petrol station leads you back to Amahoro National Stadium. When traffic at Kisimenti is tight, this outing road could help maneuver to Nyarutarama

Kimironko was once a dirsty suburb and it would worsen during the rainy season turning all connecting roads muddy.

High quality office space is available in Kimironko. As the cost of renting in the centrabl Business district increases day by day, new infrastructure in suburban areas like Kimironko are attracting more businesses

Several Years ago this was the last point of Kimironko but has since extended several kilometers and expanded outwards to Kibagabaga and Nyandungu

Roads in Kimironko are today mostly paved and some have been enhanced with well pressed stones

At Kimironko Market shoppers get to buy many items ranging from food,fruits, utensils, clothes and electronics

Entering Kimironko from Kibagabaga, it is noticeable that this area has outgrown peoples imaginations.

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