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Uganda Police Arrests Mowzey Radio’s Suspected Killer


Uganda Police Arrests Mowzey Radio’s Suspected Killer

Uganda Police has finally arrested a man suspected of triggering an end to the life of singer Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio.

According to local media, suspect identified as Godfrey Wamala was found at a friend’s home where he had been hiding.

The musician died at the prime of his career aged 33. He was buried on Saturday at his ancestral home.

Jane Kasumba, the singers mother, cursed her son’s killers. “I feel pained, totally pained. However, what hurts me is that I did not see my son’s killers. I curse those who killed my son. I curse you. I curse you.”

According to officers, who participated in his arrest, said he confirmed to them that he was with Mowzey, David Washington Ebangit, Pamela Musiimire, one Hassan and others on the fateful day.

He said when the fracas started they were seated on the same table.

He said the fracas was sparked off when Mowzey poured alcohol on Hassan, who got angry and attempted to fight but two were separated before they could even exchange fists.

According to the suspect, the bar personnel intervened.

Wamala has reportedly told investigators that during the incidence, men whom he didn’t know came and picked Mowzey near the table and dragged him outside.

He said Mowzey’s colleagues, including Washington, remained seated, but he moved out of the bar only to find Mowzey lying down motionless near the entrance.

The suspect said it was then that all the people came to his rescue and Pamela, Washington and others took the motionless Mowzey to the medical centre.

Wamala has denied beating Mowzey but De Bar managers currently under detention accuse him of assaulting the deceased.

He said after the incidence, he went back home but learnt two days later that the police was hunting for him, which compelled him to go into hiding.

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