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Another Rwandan Dumped at Border After Deadly Torture

Ugandan Security operatives have again dumped another tortured Rwandan at Gatuna border. He was found at the border on Monday evening, Taarifa reports.

Emmanuel Cyemayire 44 who has been living in Mbarara district of Uganda was kidnapped and held incommunicado for 25 days. Before his arrest, Cyemayire was operating an electronics retail shop in Mbarara town living both with his wife and children.

On January 4th 2018, at around 8am, he was kidnapped by armed men. He was able to recognise one of them, Major Mushambo a CMI operative in Mbarara.

The kidnappers took him to Makenke barracks where he slept on a wet floor, blindfolded. During that time, he would be taken to another room for interrogation and return to be beaten and threatened to be tortured if he would not confess to having ties with the generals in Rwandan army.

“I was beaten and blindfolded for eight days. They would take me in office and asked me many questions about the generals I was acquainted with in Rwanda. They would question me from 9am to 12pm, asked for my identification and the telephone numbers of my relatives,” Cyemaire told media today at Police headquarters.

He also said that they asked him whether he knew Deo Nyirigira a leader of local church in Uganda and Felix Mwizerwa, the men Cyemayire say they were responsible for his kidnapping. They also asked him whether he had something wrong with them, to which he said no.

Cyemayire said that the most problematic part of the questions was when they asked him to provide the details of the times when he came to Rwanda and what he had come to do.

Cyemayire says that after 25 days of torture, he was eventually told that they found nothing wrong with him, so they would release him anytime. They took him to Nakawa 6hours away from Mbarara where he stayed for one hour, after which they brought him clothes and took him I a pick-up to Gatuna border yesterday. His health is not good. He is unable to see clearly, sustains a back and leg pain.

Cyemayire says that “Not Ugandan nationals but Rwandans in Uganda betray their fellows because we usually get along well with Ugandans.” He says the local church led by Rwandan rebels call themselves the Israelites in Egypt awaiting to return to Rwanda with at least 300 followers are the ones who preach the message to kidnap those who do not share their views.

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