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Police Finally Arrests Elusive Defiler in Rutsiro District


Police Finally Arrests Elusive Defiler in Rutsiro District

After five months of intensive searching, Police in Rutsiro district finally arrested and detained James Hakizimana suspected of defiling a teenage girl.

Hakizimana had defiled and impregnated his victim Speciose Nyirabanguka aged 15 years but later fled.

In February 2017, Speciose Nyirabanguka, then in form two at Groupe Scolaire Kivumu had gone to fetch water at a well where she met Hakizimana returning from working at his sugar cane garden and defiled her.

Nyirabanguka kept it a secret until she was six months pregnant and disclosed to her family that Hakizimana was responsible for the pregnancy.

Nyirabanguka delivered a baby boy only after seven months of pregnancy and died a week after delivery. The child is healthy and being taken care of by grandmother.

Sylvestre Bisangwabagabo, The Executive Secretary at Kivumu Sectror confirmed to Taarifa by phone that Hakizimana was arrested on Wednesday.

Grandmother holding the baby whose teenage mother died during premature birth

“He had gone missing since August last year leaving his teaching job with no reason,” The Executive Secretary said, adding that Hakizimana had recently returned, “We knew he could escape again, we informed the Police who requested for his arrest warrant from the prosecution,” said Bisangwabagabo.

Bisangwabagabo added that “the police arrested Hakizimana after keeping a watchful eye on him the entire Tuesday night.”

Taarifa has learnt that Hakizimana was arrested two days after an old man stood up in the gathering and asked how a man accused of raping a 15-year old girl could walk free with no justice offered to the victim’s family with the lawsuit pending in court.

The issue was raised on January 22, when the National Human Rights Commission had visited residents of Kabere Cell of Kivumu Sector where the crime was committed, to sensitise them human rights.

Hakizimana a father of three has since been teaching at Groupe Scolaire Busoro, a secondary school in Rubavu District.

However, Hakizimana is a repeat offender. He is also accused of impregnating another girl (not minor) and families sorted out the matter in an agreement that he would help raise the child.

Controversial news from neighbours say that he had not really fled like it was known by authorities. They say he hid inside his house since August last year until the last two weeks when he showed up and could go free in the quarter as nothing had happened.

Unconfirmed reports say that when he left his hiding, he came with official medical documents proving that he had left his residence area to get the medical assistance for his ‘sickness’. It is said he would use these documents to claim his teaching position proving he had left it due to health problems.

Between 2016 to 2017, unwanted pregnancies among girls were 237 in Rutsiro District.

Of these pregnancies, 17 are under of girls aged 17 years, 32 cases of girls aged 18 years old while 188 girls are aged between 19 and 20 years.

Nationwide, more than 17,000 girls aged between 16 and 19 years were impregnated in 2016.

Child defilement attracts life imprisonment sentence in Rwanda as provided by article 191 of the penal code.


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